Temporary Work

In certain situations, a company’s activity can suffer a sudden change in linearity and the need for additional personnel is immediate and unexpected. It can happen when a company has to deal with seasonal events, maternity/medical leaves, unplanned projects, fairs & exhibitions. Persons meets this need in the most effective way, by offering our partners additional employees for the exact amount of time that such employees are needed.

What Persons Has to Offer

  • Jobs are filled quickly and the client requests are addressed efficiently
  • Salaries and benefits get paid, according to the contracts
  • We handle labor protection, labor taxes and social contributions
  • We write and provide the reports requested by the authorities
  • We provide our partners with regular reports regarding the temporary work contracts signed by the parties involved and the legal procedures required for every employee

Why You Should Work with Us

  • Your company is spared the abundance of administrative and legal problems involved in taking on additional staff because the extra workers are actually Persons employees
  • Data protection and efficiency of your organization will increase
  • You get extra employees for a limited period of time
  • We help reduce your company’s overhead