Personnel Recruiting and Executive Search

Whether you need recruiting or Executive Search, Persons supports your company with tools and competencies needed to identify the right candidate.

Persons’ contribution is based on a strategic approach to the employee’s role, taking into account and quantifying not only the compatibility between the candidate’s profile and job description, but also the convergence between the candidate’s psychological profile and the organizational culture.

What Persons Has to Offer

  • Creating the ideal candidate’s complete profile
  • Identifying potential candidates
  • Verifying the candidates’ expertise based on each job’s specific criteria
  • The rigorous selection of candidates
  • The thorough testing of personal and professional competencies
  • A short time of the recruiting process
  • Every candidate comes with our guarantee

Why You Should Work with Us

  • You can put the time spent on personnel selection and related processes to better use
  • We find the candidates who meet recruiting criteria using selection methods tailored to your needs
  • We are experienced in both classic recruiting and Executive Search, for any position, at any experience level and in any field