Payroll and Personnel Administration

The payroll and personnel administration services let our partners do their work free of such concerns. Our team does everything.

Persons keeps track of the labor rules and any possible changes that could influence labor relations, making sure that specific processes are always in full compliance.

What Persons Has to Offer

  • Writing and filing individual labor contracts in Revisal and following up on any changes (addenda to employment agreements, decisions)
  • Addenda for changing jobs/salaries and decisions to terminate/suspend individual labor contracts
  • Managing the physical and electronic personnel archive
  • Support during the inspections conducted by the Ministry of Labor’s organizations
  • Statistical reports to INSE
  • Issuing pay stubs to employees
  • Calculating salaries and writing the paychecks

Why You Should Work with Us

  • Avoiding time-consuming personnel management work
  • Letting other people manage the process of paying your employees
  • Better personnel file information confidentiality