Assessment Center

The Persons assessment center is based on verified and updated techniques for identifying the employees’ personal and professional competencies and behaviors.

Persons will provide you with highly relevant information obtained under standardized conditions. Our reports form a sound basis from which you can estimate the potential of a candidate or a team, motivate your current personnel and increase your company’s work efficiency.

What Persons Has to Offer

  • Excellent, relevant and up-to-date candidate tests (skills, memory, IQ, EQ)
  • Candidate profile analysis by trained psychologists
  • Complex evaluations of the candidates’/employees’ personality traits resulting in relevant customized analytical profiles

Why You Should Work with Us

  • You need to fill your vacancies with candidates who are well prepared both socially and professionally and who can rise to the challenges posed by jobs
  • We can build a performance-based retention and loyalty/motivation program for your organization